Kids First

I am a person that experienced divorce of my parents when I was young and I understand the importance of spending time with both parents even though my father was absent most of my life. Mike and I were going to the lake this weekend but his kids wanted to spend time with him so we didn’t go, I really respect Mike for putting his kids first because I know only to well the pain his children are experiencing.

People are so selfish and they blow off their kids to be with their latest and greatest which in my eyes is wrong. Our children rely on us for so much more than most parents realize or pay any attention to. Boys are taught not to cry and girls are taught to be girlie, this is wrong as boys should be able to express themselves without reprisal of anyone and girls should be encouraged as boys to follow their hearts and their desires.

Sure, I feel let down that Im not with Mike but guess what? His kids would feel it so much more than I and by him spending time with them he is developing some pretty great kids. Mike is teaching his kids that family comes first and to me that is paramount to anyone or anything else. Most women would be pissed but wouldn’t say anything or show it but not me, I’m not pissed at all.

I am mature enough to know my place in Miguel’s life and yes I am at the top right below his kids which is kool with me. I really like learning about his kids and I listen when he talks about them which is all the time. A man who is proud of his children and wants to exalt them is a truly great guy in my eyes and always will be. Miguel is a wonderful man so full of love and self-assurance and I really am attracted to that.

He doesn’t have a college degree and he isn’t well off financially but he does well enough for himself and he takes excellent care of his children. He is a proud man, a man of morals and ethics, a man who knows how to treat a lady and how to respect her as well. He treats me better than anyone ever has and Im not used to being treated so well but I love it and I think I could fall in love with him.

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