To Know

Did you ever just know that someone was meant for you and you alone? Did you ever think about that person all the time and want to be with them?Did you ever wish to meet that person today? Did your wish ever come true? Well, I do believe mine did as I have met the most wonderful man and his name is Miguel. He treats me so good and he is such a caring and considerate person, someone I do believe is for me.

I have waited for years for someone else but I now know in my heart that he will never meet me and I am nothing but a fantasy to him. I know in my heart he is one of my soulmates but I no longer believe we will ever meet and I no longer believe that we will be together. Finally, accepting this truth has set me free to let someone else into my life, someone I am sure I can fall in love with.

I have waited for years and years to feel real love again, to be held and to be shown true affection and I do believe I have found it in Miguel. He is a gentle man, a loving man, a compassionate man and the type of man who I have wanted to meet for so very long. I will not turn and walk away from love this time I am open and ready to absorb all he has to give to me from his heart.

It’s not often we find someone who will love us as much as we love them and when we get that opportunity we have to grab it before it gets away. Love, true love doesn’t come around often and we cannot wait for the right time as there is never a right time, no now is the time to wrap your arms around the one that loves you, that would sacrifice for you, that wants to give you the world not in material things but from their soul and I do believe I have that man finally and I thank God.

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