The Millers

We went to see the movie The Millers and I have to say it was funny, damn funny from the “Boner Garage” to the “baby” being thrown into traffic and ran over. The movie is about a mix matched “family” that brings back drugs from Mexico. Jennifer Aniston is bland at best in my opinion but she does wear some lovely lingerie as she is supposed to be a stripper.

She is very pretty and has a great body but as far as sexy, nope nodda she just doesn’t have it and she isn’t sexy at all. Thank goodness for  good filming and cutting or she would be an embarrassment for all to see. The movie keeps you laughing and keeps you entertained for sure but Jennifer was a huge let down. Now if you saw Demi Moore in Strip tease then you saw a sexy woman.

Demi oozes with sex appeal and she is a sexy woman who shows you what sexy is. You cannot teach sexy to anyone you either have it or you don’t and that is just the way it is. The movie kept me laughing and I stayed awake which I usually don’t because so many movies end up boring me but the last two I have seen have kept my attention and interest.

I don’t want to say anymore about the Millers because you have to see if you like a good comedy and I don’t want to ruin it for you. I like comedies and suspense because it makes you laugh and think just like the Thomas Crown Affair which is my favorite movie because you have to really pay attention as the movie has so many twists and turns in it.

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