The Date Mate

I have never been one to date more than one person at a time but my friends talked me into trying it as it would keep me from committing to the wrong person or so they have said. I have tried it and do not like it, not one bit because it just isn’t me and I don’t like dating more than one person at a time. I like to stay focused on one person because the truth is I am looking for my life long mate just like everyone else.

I am only seeing one person now but even I am smart enough to know that dating a guy going through a divorce is playing with fire. We talk every day but do not see each other because his son is recovering from surgery and he has moved back home to be with him. I so admire a man who is there for his children because so many men do not bother to spend quality time with their children.

Miguel wanted me to meet his boys and I told him no because we need to get to know each other better and it’s not that I don’t want to have his kids around it just isn’t fair to them to have thirty one flavors thrown into their lives. I told him I do not think we will stay together but I was willing to give it my all and when we are together about six months then I would love to meet his boys.

He thinks I am crazy and he says he sees us together for a very long time, that’s all well and good but the reality is we won’t be together forever. I adore him, absolutely adore him but things happen during a divorce and with him back at home, well things can change over night, literally. I feel so uncomfortable meeting him at his condo and I feel like I am cheating with a married man because he goes home to his wife and kids.

If things do work out between the two of them I will not stand in the way because he will do what is best for his family. It’s nice being able to kick back and watch a movie or make dinner together and we had fun the other night with a can  of whip cream and strawberries. We had the “sex talk” and I explained to him why I couldn’t have sex with him as of yet and that I wasn’t frigid.

He told me I am a very sensual and sexy woman and he respects my decision but it makes it very hard for him, no pun intended. He is so damn romantic and says such sweet things to me and he thinks my skin feels like satin. He kisses me and I feel it, yes I really feel the passion and the desire from his lips and his touch is so caring and gentle and I want to lie naked with him but I know it wouldn’t stop at that.

I wish the little boy that keeps coming to me in my dreams would go away because he says things to me that make me think twice to often. This boy keeps telling me that I am supposed to be with his dad but I have no idea who his dad is. He says he wants me in his life, this little boy is something else and I wake up totally freaked out and do not know what to do with the information he tells me.

The Boy

I keep getting visits in my dreams from this child, this young boy that is just 13 or 14 I guess. He comes to me and tells me how he worries about his parents especially his dad. He tells me how he misses his family as it once was and he tells me he misses his older brothers and doesn’t get to see them as much as he would like. This boy is so gregarious, so affectionate and such a loving child and he is wise beyond his years.

Life hasn’t been so kind to him the last few years and life has been hard on him because of the problems of his parents. He tells me how lost he once was and how lonely he is at times and how his dad works to hard and he worries about him. He tells me he comes to me because I understand him and I listen to him when no one else does or so he feels. He tells me I am going to be the one to take care of his dad yet I do not even know this child.

He wants me to make his dad happy, lol which I find so odd since I do not know his dad or him yet he seems to feel I do. He tells me his dad loves me even though he has never met me and he tells me his dad needs me. How can this be when I do not have an inkling of who this child may be all I know is he is a lovely boy with a special touch, a special gift and he will be alright and do well in life.

He tells me his dad is sad and lonely and his dad is too afraid to take me away with him and his dad thinks of me everyday and wishes he could bring himself to come to me. I find this all to be so strange and I do not see myself with his dad because I don’t know his father. I want to see this little boy happy, really happy again the kind of happy that makes you run through fields enjoying the wind and the sun on your face.

I tell this child I care and I will always listen when he comes and yes I may not tell him all he wants to hear but I will always tell him what he needs to hear. I have tried to explain to him that people change, they grow in different ways and yes they grow apart. I have explained to him that adults are just like kids, like when he had friends in third grade but they were no longer a friend in fourth grade.

He understands but doesn’t like it and wants his mom and dad to be together again and he knows that will never happen but he dreams as most children do. He tells me I will make his dad very happy and I will make his dad the man he once was, which is impossible as far as I can see. This boy is so concerned with his dad’s happiness and he wants nothing more than to see the smile on his dads face reach his eyes once again and he thinks I am the one that can do that.

He tells me “she” didn’t want him around and didn’t like the way his dad acted around him, he tells me “she” pretended to love his dad but he knew different and he says he doesn’t like “her” but is nice to her because his dad liked her. He is glad “she” isn’t around because he wants to spend time with just his dad without her fake ass around, lol. This boy is something else and he keeps me laughing but I know how he feels and I am glad things are getting better for him.

Tea Bagging

Men really need to realize that their balls and those random hairs do not smell like roses! I’ve been with men that think tea bagging is exciting for a woman but it really is not unless you are really clean. When you are having 69 sex and the guy drags his balls over your face that is tea bagging, lol. So many people are really uneducated when it comes to sex and so many have no idea what tea bagging is or what a shar pei is.

We give the oddest names to sexual positions or acts or even uncut penises, lmao and I am no exception. I like to make innocent fun of things and sex is probably my favorite thing to laugh at. People are so uptight about sex that they actually deprive themselves of certain experiences that could enhance their sex life with their partner. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of but the u.s. has made it a dirty word and have taught their children that sex is a no no.

Back in the wagon train days girls got married as early as thirteen and most were mothers by the age of sixteen but today we look at sex as taboo and most parents do not teach their children about sex. Most tend to watch over their daughters like hawks and pay little attention to their sons and for some reason we look at a girl who has gotten pregnant as a slut or whore but the boy is never looked at that way.

I have taught my children that sex is normal and yes you really must take a ride before you buy. My daughter is still a virgin at 18 because she doesn’t want to get pregnant or take the chance. She has been dating the same guy for four years but she is so driven, so directed and such a mature girl at her age and she knows what she wants and doesn’t want.

My son as well as daughter have been taught about std’s and I have even shown them what some of them look like online. Now that was an eye opener for sure and so gross that the kids don’t want to have any part of that action. Sex is wonderful and can bring two people closer together if they are open to different positions, using toys and sometimes even bringing in a third party.

I am so sexually liberated that nothing shocks me and nothing grosses me out but I am no whore and no I do not jump into bed with just anybody. I have morals and ethics that I hold near and dear to my heart  and that is why I appear one way but am actually totally opposite. I am a one man woman and that will never change and if a guy doesnt want to continue to see me because I won’t jump in bed with him, o well to bad for him.