foi peut montagnes мове

Do you have faith? Do you believe in something so much that your faith is strong enough to move mountains? Do you have faith that their is a higher power that watches over you? I believe their is a higher power that watches over me and guides me to do good things as well as stupid things because the stupid things is what teaches us and the good things we learn to better ourselves hopefully.

There are things that I believe so strongly in and it’s as if they are cemented into my life and I never deviate from those beliefs. I am a tried and true friend to the death and yes I will defend my friends to the bitter end. I also will be totally honest with my friends and that is why those that are in my life have been their for so very long. If you want a truthful answer to a question then ask me, if you want smoke up your ass then you are asking the wrong person.

I do not use people knowingly and I do not take from others as I am just not one to be like that. I do not wish for more than I have and I do not dream of wealth because money doesn’t buy happiness or love. So many people think that you can buy what ever you want but that isn’t true and so many people believe if they had more money they would be happier, bullshit.

Happiness comes from within and it comes from being truly loved by those around us. Happiness has no price tag and it has no time restraints but it can come to an abrupt halt. I want to be happy and my happiness only comes from being of service to another and that is just the way it is. I so enjoy cooking for those I love and doing other things to make their lives easier.

My happiness comes from the heart and it comes without expectations of returns because when you give from the heart you do not expect reciprocation. So many people do things and want repayment later or they through it in your face and that sucks. I’m glad to be the way I am and I wouldn’t change a thing about myself other than I wish I could understand some people better and their actions.

To Know

When a relationship has just about ran its course you can already feel it, yes you know in your gut that it’s just a matter of time before the end knocks hard on your door. I am having that feeling with someone who I have been involved with. I knew the end was coming long before it started knocking and there is nothing I can do about it. It’s hard to deal with the end but sometimes the end is what is needed to begin again.

Miguel and I, well we are at the end and it didn’t take long as he is going through a divorce. His son is recovering from surgery and Miguel has moved back home to be with him which is really great in my opinion. The one thing that brings a couple back together is the illness of a child as the parents put aside their differences and focus on the child and this is as it should be.

Miguel didn’t have to say a word because it was written all over his face like the headline of the newspaper. The “I’m so sorry” doesn’t change the fact that we could have had something wonderful but it just wasn’t meant to be and I knew that a while ago. I feel as if I will be alone until I die because things just do not seem to work in my favor and yes I have tried to make things work.

Francisco called and told me he was so sorry and he wished we could be friends but I cannot have someone like that in my life no matter how much money he has. I wish I could use people as easily as they use me but it’s not part of fiber and never will be. Francisco did some very bad things in my eyes and I cannot forget or forgive them and Miguel, well Miguel is back home and working on his marriage.

Here I am sitting on the couch wondering if and when there will ever be someone who wants me and only me, someone who wants to share my life and be there for me for a change. I am always there for everyone else but it never seems anyone is there for me and I wonder if this will ever end, will I ever be happy? Will I ever find that special one that is just for me and me alone?