I am so addicted to technology when most women are addicted to getting their hair done, makeup, nails, liposuction and shit like that. I am on the computer from morning until I go to bed and I work in my two walks a day and making dinner and laundry. I just love technology and would prefer a new piece of equipment then a day at the spa and I know that sounds off the wall for a woman but that is the way I am.

I prefer to fix things or learn things instead of shopping or getting things done to my body. My daughter is the spa queen, she is the one that loves all the girlie things and yes I like them but they are not high on my list. Im doing so well on my weight loss and walking so I rewarded myself by buying a fitbit zip which tracks my walking and weight loss. I actually like my walks and when it gets cold I will be going to they gym and adding weights to my workout.

The cold months bring out the guys o ya baby and I get to see a bit of eye candy and maybe just meet Mr. Right but won’t hold my breath as my love life seems to have an expiration date on everyone I have seen so far. I will never get involved with someone going through a divorce unless they have dated other peope first because being the first to date someone going through a divorce guarantees that it won’t last or so it seems.

I could spend all day at best buy looking at cool stuff that I can’t afford but I don’t because it’s a terrible tease. I really like my new gadget and I am enjoying watching the weight come off and the scale registering lower numbers week after week. I can see the weight loss finally as I am losing some boobs and the spare tire I have been caring around for years.

Im glad my husband isn’t here to put me down and sabotoging my weight loss and the neighbors are used to seeing me walking twice a day and the ones I never knew before are now cheering me on and that helps my ego and keeps me going. It’s hard getting into a work out routine but when you do and make it part of your day to day living it becomes an enjoyable time.

Soo Sneaky

Some people are so damn sneaky and some even hack your computer and add tags to posts so they can refer to them later. I am not keen on this shit one bit and I know more than some people give me credit for. It took me a long time to realize what was going on, on my own computer but I know everytime someone is reading my mail, adding tags, ect.

You won’t meet me you fuck but you will follow me online and hack my computer as if it some kind of twisted game. Creepin’ on me is so weird and that’s probably why you won’t meet me, because you are embarrassed of doing these unsavory deeds to me. In spite of you I am seeking out the happiness I so greatly deserve and yes I am losing weight and working damn hard at it.

By spring I will be looking damn good and no I do not wait for you, you arrogant fuck, you sneaky fuck and you are just a fuck! You cannot handle a woman like me and never will so move along little doggie, move along. I am a strong independent woman who doesn’t need your attention, affection or money so go buy some cheap bitch because you can impress them.

Nice conversations we have now aren’t they? You  are so desperate in wanting to know what is going on in my life that you pull out all stops to chat with me. What a joke the conversation was about you  dancing, lmao what a joke as if I would believe you were a woman. Forget me because I am forgetting you and your childish behavior and why don’t you spend some of your money on a shrink???


Just like Dorothy said in the wizard of oz there is no place like home, nothing is as familiar or comforting as being home. I like to travel but I like to return home because I feel safe at home, I feel protected and it is comforting. My bed is my favorite place to be because it’s warm, soft and I have some of the best dreams and sometimes the worse nightmares, yes even I have nightmares.

Home is where family is, where real love is and where are pets are and home is being wrapped in one of my grandmother’s homemade quilts and recipes of childhood are made. Home is where I walk in the door and the cats and dogs are thrilled to see me, feel my arms around and feel the love I have for them. Home is a safe haven away from the cruel world and all of the evil in it.

Home is where my babies grew up, scrapes on knees from learning to ride a bike, broken bones from falling off a chair and where graduation was a monumental day. Home is where the kids are growing up and leaving me behind as they find their way in life. Home is where memories are made and home is where we can cry without fear of retribution begins.

Home is also a lonely place, a tomb of death at times and losses have stacked up like books in a corner. Home is where it all begins and home is where we all go at the end of the day. Home is our castle, our escape and where we think of our future path, our destiny’s and home is the ultimate safe haven for most of us. There truly is no place like home, now is there?