First Date

I’m beyond thrilled for my son as a girl invited him to the football game Friday night. He’s a new kid at the school and finding your way in a new school isn’t always  so easy. He is so damn smart like his grandfather, my father and he is a unique kid in so many ways. He is impressive when he speaks because he doesn’t speak like a high school kid at all because I have always had a vocabulary that is above average.

Ryan is so kind, sweet, intelligent, funny, a prankster and just a lovely person in a nutshell, yes we had our difficulties last year but six months in the hospital really has helped him deal with his issues including the loss of his dad. Ryan will be 17 February 10th and I wonder how I am going to talk to him about condoms even though he already knows I feel he needs reminding.

When we are in the heat of the moment we tend to throw caution to the wind when we are children as well as adults. Ryan is a trip, a total trip and his last name is Whale and when his English teacher said his name he said no it’s Wa Ha Lay, lmao. The teacher is still messed up about his last name even though he changed classes and no longer has him. He is so much smarter than the average kid and the kids seem to like him for which I am so happy.

It’s a huge deal to be asked to go to the football game, especially by a girl and I am just so happy for him because he deserves a break, he deserves attention and yes he deserves love and lots of it. He is always joking around with me and sometimes I get fed up with it but most of the time I just laugh and go along with him and joke back. He is happy for a change and that makes me happy!