Some people are just cruel and they enjoy inflicting their cruelty on others as my stalker does. He has no intention of ever meeting me and pretends to be a million other people telling me he loves me which is bullshit. I really no longer care how he feels about me because he brings nothing positive to my life, not a single bit. He enjoys leading me on only to drop me on my face.

People like this will answer to a higher power one day and yes they will suffer from the hand of karma. Their lives will never be fulfilled and they will always be unhappy and never feel real love that others like myself will one day have. It doesn’t matter if you are rich and famous you still can suffer from perverted actions and easily hurt others as he has done to me.

I now know what it is like to be with real men and I so prefer them to this guy, the one that thinks he is so smart and abuses his knowledge by hacking me and leading me on at one time. He can no longer hurt me because I know we shall never meet because he isn’t a man, he is a little boy pretending to be a man and that is all he ever will be. He probably has a girlfriend but he sneaks around on her using the computer which is so twisted.