I was watching Ferris Bueller’s day off and I just laughed and laughed, Ferris must be an Aquarius because it’s obvious that Ferris was born under that star sign. The story is about some kids skipping school and how they spend their day. Ferris is so damn cunning, debonaire, quietly wild and just damn funny as he sets up an intercom that triggers a player that plays a message which is funny.

I have watched this movie several times and I always laugh when I see it because it is just funny to me. Ferris’s sister hates him and goes to great lengths to catch him skipping. The principal shows up at the house as well and scares the hell out of Ferris’s sister, she kicks him in the face several times and runs away screaming. The look on her face is priceless and so damn funny.

Ferris sings Danka Schoen and he is just so silently classy and funny and he is the kind of guy I am looking for, I just think he is so kool and fun that he’s hard to resist.  I do not watch much tv but it is always on for company. I do not like to sit in silence so I either am listening to tunes or listening to the tv. I do watch the doctors every morning as they are my walking break.

I walk 2 miles before 9 am and by 1:00 pm I usually have my second 2 miler walk in, I am finally seeing some weight loss results and I keep envisioning myself without all this weight and it keeps me motivated. I like the walks and take Mike or Gabe with me. Shelby walks with me occasionally as does Ry. The walks are perfect for us just to talk and it’s our bonding time.

Back to the movie, at the end Ferris’s sister ends up saving his ass and it just goes to show that blood is always the thickest. Speaking of blood, I havent had a period in over 3 years and I got a rude awakening. I awoke to having a period!!! Why me??? I don’t understand what triggered it but Shelby is also on her period, ugggghhhh. I hope this is the last one because I don’t enjoy this time one bit.

Drug Experimentation

When I was in high school I tried pot, mescaline, thc and drinking but none of it impressed me enough to want to do it again. When I reached my late teens and early twenties I smoked pot occasionally and did quite a bit of cocaine. cocaine became my drug of choice and my emotional pain killer and I spent a ton of cash on it because it made me feel good and I was always chasing that initial high never being able to catch it again.

I haven’t done any hard drugs in decades but still smoke a joint now and then and yes I have a medical marijuana card which makes me legal. My children on the other hand are quite different when it comes to drugs as Shelby has never tried anything including smoking cigarettes but Ry well he has smoked pot and done other drugs and he came to me this morning telling me he did a hit of acid last night because he wanted to know what it was like.

I didn’t get mad, didn’t yell or tell him I was disappointed in him because kids will experiment and I was no different. I listened to him as he told me how it made him feel and I asked him if he would do it again and he said no. I said to him “liar” and he smiled and said he wouldn’t do it again. It doesn’t do a damn bit of good to yell at our kids and listening is what they need.

I am scared for my son because today’s drugs are laced with so much shit and they are very dangerous. Being honest with our kids and being there for them to talk to on their own terms is so important and I have a good enough relationship with the kids that they tell me things most kids won’t talk to their parents about. When you don’t go hay nonnie crazy on your kids they begin to trust you and tell you things that they normally wouldn’t.

Ry is growing so much this year and last night he asked a girl to Homecoming and he told me about it this morning. I am so happy for him because the girl said yes and it’s tough for a boy to ask out a girl for fear of rejection but my son asked and yes they are going. These are monumental steps for my son and I support him as much as I can and he confides in me, can you say the same thing?


The percentage of married men having a mistress is 70% yes cheating is extremely high because so many men do not feel they can say or do certain things with their wives. Men like to be able to express themselves without fear and married men seem to fear being themselves around their wives for some reason. I’m sure my own husband probably felt the same way but he never cheated nor did I.

My husband was ten years older than I was and that in itself was a huge age gap because of the era’s we were raised in. Today, a ten year age gap is not uncommon and the age gap tends to bring much to the relationship. I do not appear to be my age nor do I act stuffy or stuck up like so many women do, I like to be able to associate with anyone any age and I do.

I don’t know how I feel about marriage anymore and do not know if I will ever remarry but I will be in a committed relationship one day. It would kill me to find out I was being cheated on so I do everything possible to keep good communication lines open in my relationships. I respect the person I am with and I never stand in their way but always encourage them to follow their dreams and heart.

I may not always agree with the person and I tell them why because when you are not honest you cannot build a healthy relationship with that person. I have had my disappointments in relationships but I always walk away with more knowledge than I had before I met that person. People come and go as do relationships but you can bet one day the right person will be by your side, it is just a waiting game I assume.