Nobody Tells Us

How come nobody ever tells us how difficult raising children really is? Nobody tells us how damn painful it is to spit out a watermelon from the opening of a coke bottle. Nobody tells us but I clearly remember telling the Dr. that I wanted drugs, masses amount of drugs but wouldn’t you know it Shelby had he cord wrapped around her neck and Ryan, well he wouldn’t wait for anybody.

As the years pass we watch our children crawl, walk, get teeth, scrapes, bruises and then one day they experience a broken heart, they go off to school and then college. We put aside our own wants and needs to raise our children, give them all we can and teach them well. Nobody tells us that one day another human being would take control of our hearts and that one human being can give us so much pride as well as pain.

I’m watching Shelby enjoy college and Ryan has asked a girl to Homecoming which seems so out of place for him because he is so shy. For my son to reach out to a girl is so heart warming for me because that first love really makes us feel so many things.  We watch our children grow and change and we see ourselves in them at times that makes us wonder.

Our children give us so much and we try to be the best we can be by giving them what they need or so we think because sometimes we are wrong. I love it when my kids ask me to bake or cook them something because I know they appreciate my efforts. Today, Shelby asked me to make cream puffs with homemade vanilla pudding so I did and Ryan loves lemon meringue pie so I made that as well and I made chocolate pudding as well with the left over vanilla pudding.


I will have one slice of pie and one cream puff because my weight loss is going to well to blow and I prefer to cook and bake then to eat it even though its all so yummy. My son will need a wife that can cook because I have spoiled him with homemade cooking and he will probably come home asking me to cook or bake him something because no one can cook or bake like a mom.