Relationship Basics

We meet someone, fall in love and eventually marry and then divorce. How do you keep a relationship alive, exciting and together? Stick with the basics is my advice, flowers, holding hands, making special meals, spend time together, encourage working out are just some of the few basics that will keep your relationship exciting and alive. People grow apart because they stop doing the basics in a relationship and that is the truth.

People grow apart physically over time and that is why hand holding is so important, it keeps you physically connected to the one you love, it strengthens the bond and it reassures you that the love is still there. Doing the small things is what is important in any relationship and doing things for each other continues to show that person that you care.

Caring is number uno in any relationship because lack of caring shows itself rather quickly and when you no longer care you no longer have a healthy relationship. Kissing and hugging is paramount as well and when the kissing stops the music goes silent and a loss of the heart is apparent. Money is another issue people tend to avoid but its important to know the financial situation at all times because anything can happen at any time and that can be quite devastating.

Communicating ones feelings is very important as well and yes you should be able to tell your partner anything that bothers or upsets you and yes you should always remind your partner how special they are to you and how much they mean to you. So many people forget the basics and get so caught up in life that they forget to live and share their life with their partner, hence divorce.