We let our fears in life define us, lead us and control us when we should be doing the controlling. Fear is something we learn as we grow and when we are born we fear nothing. I have let fear rule a large part of my life but no longer do I let it define me or control me. I do what I want to do and yes there are consequences but hey what is living without taking chances?

You can never let fear lead your life and sitting back and letting it do so is self defeating. We only have this one life to live and to throw caution to the wind is part of the fun, part of our personal challenges and what makes us who we are today. If you let fear stop you from going after your dream then why dream? If you want to be with someone but fear rejection how will you ever know what could have been?

I’m not afraid of a single person, not afraid to meet anyone and do not sit and let fear rule my world. There are so many things I want to do in this life and the only thing holding me back is my financial situation. I do not wish for more money but yes it would be nice to afford to do the things I so want to do and will do when the time is right. My life has been filled with many tragedies but I have accomplished much in this world.

I recently learned why not many guys asked me out in high school, it was because they thought I was to pretty to be with them and they feared being turned down by me. I never pretended to be someone I wasn’t and that in itself scared a lot of guys. I was really surprised to hear this news because I was always friendly and nice to everyone but guys, well guys have so many insecurities when it comes to women.

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