What A Day

Today didn’t start out to good as my daughters brakes went out on her car, thank goodness she noticed it at the corner. I took her car up and I’m getting it fixed as the break line rusted and the fluid leaked out. I am forever fixing shit, diagnosing shit and paying for shit, needless to say today was a shitty day. My son always has to be reminded to brush his teeth and he needs to lose about twenty lbs.

I told him that girls don’t like to kiss boys who don’t brush their teeth and girls don’t like to give blow jobs to boys with muffin tops. I didn’t realize what I had said until it tumbled out of my mouth and boy could I kick myself. I do not want my son feeling bad because he has gained weight and I know he will lose it once he gets active again. I am going to drag him to the gym with me and maybe he can play some basketball or something.

I have a feeling I will be playing with him and then there will be others who want to play or so it goes. Love playing shirts and skins and I like to be a skin, lol but it just never works out that way for me lol. I haven’t played basketball in years but what the hell I will play anything at least once, even strip poker lol. Now that used to be so scary yet wild and fun as kids played it all the time.

Im going to start a video diary of my weight loss so I can look back and see how far I have come and by spring I will have a real nice bit of video to look back on. I get alot of compliments regarding my age or should I say I do not look or act my age. I’m not a stuffy, bitchy person and I just love to be silly. The kids and I are always doing or saying silly shit which keeps us laughing instead of crying.

My daughter just asked me if I was sexting, lmao that’s the type of relationship is, open and funny. Someone drew a picture of a penis in marker on my mirror and my daughter thought it was initials at first as it did look like a gd put actually a penis,lol. She realized what she was looking at started laughing. She just imitated a commercial and she said to me I’ve got twice the suction, lmao and then she started laughing and I did as well.


Everyone has a story, everyone has a tale to tell and all of us have dealt with adversity, negativity and loss. Everyone wonders if their life will ever change for the better giving them all they have ever hoped for or dreamed. I am no different and yes I have a story, a tale to tell and yes I have lived with adversity, negativity and loss. My story is like many others and yes it is ugly and so depressing at best.

One would think that life is hard for a reason that good will eventually come our way and our hopes, dreams and wishes will be granted. I try to keep positive and try to keep hoping for a better day, a better way, a better life. I continue to pray for happiness and my loneliness to disappear. I may be a dreamer and I may hope and pray for the love of my life to materialize because one day I will be happy and fulfilled.

You can play with someone and you can think you are so wise that they would never figure out who you are but you are wrong. I know when people are pretending to be someone else and I continue to let them think they are so smart because they need to feel that within themselves. Truth be known, I know more than I say more than I will ever share because I sit back and laugh at the one who thinks he is so smart.

He says I must forget my fantasy, forget ever meeting him and forget that he exists. I cannot forget so easily but I can sit back and let him drive himself crazy with wondering and wanting me. He fantasizes more than I ever will and he knows in his heart that I am the woman he has waited for his entire life. One day he will want to make his fantasy a reality but will I still be available then?