There are so many pitfalls of being single and it has it’s merits but it isn’t all peaches and cream. Being a single mother is a lonely life and it sucks when the kids are gone and I’m watching tv by myself, eating dinner by myself and just thinking by myself. I have my pets that give me much comfort but they are not a man, they do not have arms to hold me or a shoulder to cry on.

So many people say they enjoy being single but the truth is they do not and yes they want to have a connection with another person. All of us search for love and when we find it we think we are in heaven or at least pretty darn close to it.  When we finally do meet someone we enjoy there seems to always be something seriously fucked up somewhere and it just doesn’t work out.

It doesn’t work out because it isn’t suppose to because that person isn’t your soulmate, they are not your final destination and they can not fill the void. The only one that can do that for us is our soul mate and when the time is right our soulmate will appear in our lives. Some people question if someone else is their soulmate and they question if they should even try with that person.

Our soulmate is the person we are always thinking of, the person we dream about and fantasize about constantly. Our soulmate may be miles away but we know, yes we know in our heart that the person we are meant to be with is within our grasp. Some people like to play around before they settle with their soulmate but they must realize that they are denying themselves the pleasure of pure love.

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