I love reading and learning and I really enjoy expanding my  sexual experiences and knowledge. I need a partner to try tantric sex with because it sounds so damn sensual, so romantic and exciting to me.  People are to quick to orgasm and do not enjoy their partner enough and take the time to be romantic which leads to excitement in my experiences. 

How many people have you slept with that made your toes literally curl? How about giving you shivers up your spine or made the hair raise on you arm?? That is what a fantastic sexual experience is about and that is how you feel when you are with someone who physically excites you. I enjoy sex so much and pleasing my partner actually excites me quite a bit.

I enjoy hearing him suck in his breath,  putting his hands in my hair and clutching me as he orgasms or I get him almost there. I love to take my time and slowly arouse my partner to a point of pure ecstasy. I like romance and kissing, slow carresses and romance in general because it makes the sexual experience more than just sex, more than an orgasm.

Maybe one day I will be able to share this type of experience with the green eyed monster because yes he is my soulmate and I know in my heart what is to eventually be but I won’t wait, no I will continue to find my happiness in another even though I doubt that will ever happen. We belong together because it is written and you can deny it all you want but you know what your heart wants my dear.

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