To Absorb

Reading is so stimulating for the mind and when we read someone’s blog we are reading more than words, more than their experience and more than just their life. We read to learn, to expose truths, to discover another. As a person that likes to read as well write I have learned to use words to express every emotion a person can feel, I have exposed the most intimate and private moments of my life.

When you begin to read about someone’s life if the writing is good and interesting to you, you become part of their life in your mind. You begin to think what it would be like to be in their life and how you could enhance their life. You actually become a friend to that person even though  they have no idea you are there. It’s odd how reading about someone elses life can affect us so much.

We can actually begin to have empathy for that person, we read and we laugh  at some of the things they have written and yes we even want to cry for that person at times. I have shared so much of myself that I wonder if I haven’t given to much of myself away. I wonder if anyone that reads this has a clue what lies deep within my heart, do they really have any idea of the type of person I really am?

We can learn so much about a person by reading their writings, paying attention to what they are saying without putting it into proper words. People are very easy to figure out but when you read what they write they may confuse you. Confusion is part of expressing ourselves and yes I can flip back and forth like a fish, emotionally that is and can understand how I could confuse someone.

People that write about themselves as most do in blogs are somewhat confident and really do not care what others think of us. We share our experiences and we hope that one day what we write may help someone, or so I do hope that. I also hope that one day I will be able to write about the meeting of my soulmate, my future life mate, the person that will fill my void and keep a smile on my face.

I hope one day he can see how much I love him and it’s in the purest form and I hope he can see that I am transparent and my love is deep as any ocean and as wide as the world.  He will read that I live to make him happy, I live to make him smile and my life is barren without him as his is without me. Maybe one day he will realize what he has known all along and that is we belong together.

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