The Attraction

I’m no raving beauty but I do find myself extremely picky when it comes to men. There are so few men that turn my head or grab my  eye and I honestly can say there appears to be slim pickens in this world. I don’t ask for much but all I seem to see are men that remind of turtles on their back because they have such huge beer bellies and if someone pushed them down they would have a hell of a time getting back up.

I’m working damn hard to lose weight and to get into shape for myself first and foremost. Keeping healthy is important to me and looking attractive is as well and right now I have ways to go before I look physically appealing. There seems to be only one man who I have found to be super sexy, so attractive in a special way and just damn hot in my eyes.

He is so damn special to me yet we have never met which is so unfortunate. I believe we will meet one day and the feeling is so strong that it’s as if it is written in the stars. He will realize one day that I am the one he has been searching for and yes he will one day realize he must meet me to complete his life. Life can be so complicated even though I ask for so little it appears life just isn’t meant to be easy for me.