What Do You Do?

What do you do with the feelings you feel for someone but cannot show them? What do you do with your thoughts and dreams as well as fantasies? What do you do if that person won’t meet you? If you’re in a relationship with someone you should never lead someone else to believe that you care for them or that you even think about that person.

It’s so damn hard to find love, find affection, find someone who cares about you and your happiness and leading someone to believe that you are that person is wrong. I have had a damn hard life and I do not appreciate games people play with my emotions because they are insecure or unsure of where they want their life to go.  They may have a relationship with someone but it obviously cannot be that solid or that person wouldn’t follow the goings on in my life.

I am a good person, someone who most would be happy to know and men seem to love me for some unknown reason other than I am sexy or so I have been told by so many. I give because I choose to and I care deeply for people in general. But who cares about me? Who loves me for me? Who wants to lie next to me at night and protect me from the monsters in the dark?

Who wants to hold me when I cry? Who wants to share a day of laughter with me? Who??? Who is that person and where is he right this second? With someone else I assume and I have to let go of the feelings I have for someone because he obviously has no interest in me other than to read what I write because I am once again assuming he can relate to some of my trials and tribulations.

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