The Fog

I was standing in the shower and as I stood there letting the water beat down upon me I remembered back to earlier this morning. I looked out the sliding glass door to see the morning fog cloak the ground with a fine mist. It was a beautiful site as the sun worked it’s way through strands of the fog. I hooked up Gabe and Mike and off we went to do our first two mile walk.

The boys love the walk and they love to piss on every tree, street light, curb you name it they be a pissin’ on it, just like all males they love to mark their territory men just do it a bit cleaner and differently. Men like to know they “own” their wife or girlfriend and they like to think they have the relationship under control when the truth is most of the time they are pussy whipped and the woman does the controlling.

I do not care for pussy whipped men, no not at all I like a man who will stand firm and not put up with any shit. I like a man who knows what he wants and goes after it and I like a man who follows the beat to his own drum. I am not a follower so I do not care for followers. I like a man who will stand firm and be himself, be who he really is and show only the true self.

I need to meet that kind of man to be happy because that is the type of person that helps me thrive and to grow and a man like that is usually very sexy and attractive. I so miss the arms of a man and the feel of a man lying next to my body. I want that again so bad but I just will not lie down with anyone because I like myself to much to sell myself short. 



A New Beginning

Well today is a good day as I have got my 4 mile walk in before noon and I have been contacted on a dating site by a very nice gentlemen. He lives in a nice part of Michigan and he seems to be young for his age. We have a lot in common which isn’t surprising for some reason and we seem to like a lot of the same things. We will see where this goes but it looks like it might just be fun.

He’s retired from the business that he owns so that is also nice as he has free time for me. He is older but he is still attractive and very tall just like I like them.  Maybe he will be the one that helps me forget about the green eyed monster. I really need to forget about him and move on with my life because he obviously is involved with someone else and doesn’t want to meet me anyway.