Let It Go

How do you let go of someone you care for? Someone you think about every day, all day? How do you make those feelings go away? How in the hell do you do it? Someone please tell me because that is what I have to do. I have to let go of these feelings and emotions because I cannot move on caring for someone who won’t meet me, someone who doesn’t want me but doesn’t want me to be with someone else.

Why do people play with others emotions? Why do they keep stringing you along? What is it they get out of this? Do they not care that they hurt you? Do they not have feelings? I want this to stop so badly and I’ve met someone new that I hope can help me forget. He told me he thinks Im sexy just like other men and we will see where I go from here with this.

I want to be involved and I want to give myself to somebody but I want it to be right and I want to have a healthy relationship. I miss so much from partnerships and I really thrive when I am happy, which I am not at this time.