Bad Boy

My stalker has been a bad boy again messing with my computer, he thinks he is so damn smart and that I would never know it was him but I have my ways and yes I know it was him again. He is driving himself batshit because he knows we belong together but he just can’t make himself take that first step towards me. O well for him because there is someone I am trying to make myself meet but I’m so tired of the bullshit that I do not know if I want to deal with anymore of it.

I will go out with this guy but I don’t know when I will decide to make my move, lol. My stalker is a sad man because he knows in his heart who he belongs with  but he prefers to fantasize than to live in reality. He is going to be so lost when I am finally involved with someone and no longer take the time to chat with him or play his games. I would so love to knock his dick in the dirt right now but he keeps staying illusive.