I’m trying really hard to put one man behind me, I have deleted and blocked him from my facebook, yahoo and skype because he contacted me today and I do not want anything to do with him any longer. He cannot accept the fact that Im done, yes finally done with his games and his bullshit.

It’s not easy to let go but I am and yes I am moving on by letting myself meet other men and going out and having a good time. He has everything he could ever want materialistically but for some reason he wants to add me to his collection and I am not a collectible. This has been going on for years and I deserve so much better and I am going to have it.

He must grow up and move on and realize he does nothing but hurt me by not meeting me so I will no longer play his games and I am letting go and putting asleep my dreams of ever being with him. He refuses to meet me so that means he must have a girlfriend and I want nothing to do with him if he is involved, which is obvious that he is. 

He no doubt is with a very attractive lady that is not giving him what he needs and I am not talking of sex. He is the type of man who needs mental stimulation all the time. He is extremely intelligent and gifted but emotionally I think he needs to grow up and leave his childish way behind him.

If you are reading this I am seriously thru with the games and having my computer hacked, I am seriously thru being your online entertainment like I am a game or something. I have a lot going for me as a person and dreaming and fantasizing about you has been a waste so I’m gone like forever, got that?


There are times in our lives that we meet people and we try to make a relationship work out but it just doesn’t but we hang on regardless hoping that things will work out. It’s relationships like this that we must discard so we can find a healthy and happy relationship that is beneficial to both parties.

I have hung onto a dream, a hope, a relationship that could have been quite exciting but it takes two people who are honest, faithful and respect each other and this is not what I have been involved in. I have FINALLY walked away from the relationship that went nowhere because instead of making me happy, the relationship made me very unhappy.

You can give until it hurts and when you get nothing back you have to cut your losses and move on. It isn’t easy to let go but if I didn’t then I would be allowing myself to be sucked into the abyss of unhappiness for who knows how long to come. I have turned my back and cut my losses and cut off all ties with this individual.

I do not wish ill upon him, I just wish he would forget about me because I will no longer allow him to manipulate and control me any longer. Why did I stay so long? Simple, loneliness and needing a connection with another person that I thought would one day show himself but I was wrong and so I have let go.

Goodbye forever………..