People become arrogant over time and it is an acquired attribute that is negative as far as I am concerned. My husband treated me very well until we got married and then his real personality serviced. He treated me like a piece of shit but I had kids with him regardless and stayed with him for a very long time.

His arrogance got the better of him and he ended up losing me because of it. I filed for divorce and we got back together two weeks before it was final because he was sick. I didn’t know he was dieing but I did know he was very ill and when the dr. told me he was dieing I had him come home to die.

When you think the person that is with you will never leave you then you better think again. All of us want certain things out of a relationship and you do not get it well then you will leave. I have left someone I have never met, lol. We have chatted online for several years now and I have finally gotten sick of the games and called it quits.

If he thinks I will have contact with him again, he better think again because I am finally done with his antics and his arrogance. He assumes because he is wealthy and somewhat attractive as well as famous can get him anyone he wants. News flash, he is so wrong because I cannot be with someone who is full of themselves like he is.

He can try to get me to add him to my skype, yahoo or even my facebook but I refuse to fall for his manipulation. He can go on and enjoy his life without me. Im done and refuse to continue on with the lies and bullshit he attempts to hand me. If he wanted to be with me he would but obviously he doesnt so farewell forever.

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