Frustration x10

My son is driving me over the edge, he deliberately got himself expelled from school until Friday by correcting another students paper and he wrote cunt on it. Yes, he thinks his teacher is a cunt and he has been talking to someone who told him he could finish school online at his own pace. He is extremely intelligent and extremely immature at the same time and he has got me tied up in knots with frustration.

He wants me to sign papers to emancipate him so he can live with another loser who is twenty one, doesn’t have a driver’s license or a job. My son refuses to take his meds for his bipolar and he thinks he knows it all. He makes my life a living hell but I do not know what to do. He lies and steals from me and has gotten involved with losers at school and its only been like six weeks since he started school.

I have no help with this kid and I cannot control him one single bit and he has got me so upset I don’t know where to turn to. My daughter is stellar and she is sick of her brothers crap as well and she avoids him. She has direction, works, goes to school and has a very level head on her shoulders. I wish I could just walk away but a parent cannot do that if they love and care for their children.

I love my kids but I can only take so much before I go off, yelling does no good so I sat and talked to my son and we will go to school and see about him testing out of some classes. I knew this was coming long ago as I had his astrology chart done and I was warned about this very thing I am dealing with regarding school. My life has never been easy and I do not see myself ever being happy and it’s as if I am meant to suffer until I die.