The Dating Error

Ok, I’m a mature woman of 53 and yes I am sexually experienced but do you actually think I am going to have sex with you on the first date? Do you actually think I want you to tie me up and paddle my ass? Do you actually think I want to watch you having sex with another woman? What in the sam hell are men thinking today? When you ask me out to dinner do not take me to the local little restaurant in your hood or ask me to meet you at some corner bar.

First impressions do count and if you do not look like your picture or you have deliberately made your picture so small that your face is not visible is a sure sign you are attempting to hide something. I am not attracted to pock-marked faces gentlemen and I do not care if you do have money but are too cheap to take me to a decent restaurant. I am so sick of the cock pics as well because frankly when I meet you I can tell how big or small your member is.

I do not date men of color either, it’s a personal preference and if you can’t handle that well too damn bad. I’m not looking for a fwb type of relationship as I can get laid any day of the week quite easily. Never assume you are so attractive that everyone that meets you wants to be with you either and do not attempt to be more than you are or try to impress me beyond the normal, a nice evening is all I request.

Dating in today’s world is a joke at best and so many are out to get laid and have no respect for the woman because women have  made themselves out to be sexually available . I do not believe sex should enter the dating scene until there is an attraction of the minds, a connection between two people, same likes, dislikes and just enjoying each other’s company. For men, if you will fuck a woman on the first date you no doubt will not be with her very long as there is no respect for her as a person.

Sex is great, fantastic with the right person but a one night stand is just that and nothing more. You have no idea where this person has been or if they may have a disease, you do not know the character of the person or anything else about them. Why would you want to put yourself in a situation that may be like herpes, a gift that keeps on giving, is that what you want? Hell no it isn’t yet you will put yourself at risk just for a minutes of pleasure.

I do not want to hear about all the women you have been with or your sexual experiences and no I do not want to have a threesome with you either. Maybe I am just to old fashioned for today’s male but I shall never change my morals or ethics just to have a man spend some time with me. Do not ask me to give you a blow job either as that is something I will do when and if I feel like it and no it isn’t going to happen on the first date.