I’ve been chatting with a gentleman that is beyond excited to meet me and I have no idea why. I’m very easy to talk to and I listen when people talk and I listen to what isn’t said as well. He really thinks Im cute and he loves my eyes, what is with the eyes??? He says we will become great friends but who knows until we do meet. He currently has the flu so I told him I wouldn’t meet him before Saturday.

When I meet someone for the first time I generally like to meet them in a very relaxed setting wearing jeans and a sweatshirt because it is just more comfortable for me. I do not like to go to dinner the first time I meet someone I would rather meet for lunch because if things don’t work out it’s easier to leave it after lunch. I do not like a guy to feel that I have used him for an expensive dinner and I do not like to feel committed myself.

Dating sux, simple as that and when there is absolutely no connection at all then it really sux as you have to fumble your way through an evening with that person. I do not drink more than a single glass of wine when I am with someone because alcohol makes us say and do things that we shouldn’t be doing. It’s hard to meet people who aren’t freaks in todays’ world, liars, users or thieves so one has to be so careful.

I have always believed in soulmates and I believe I have a soulmate but he refuses to meet me so I am trying to find someone who I do click with, someone I can enjoy spending time with, someone who I can talk to without being judged. I am a dreamer and I will never give up on love or seeking it because I need it and deserve to be treated well because I am such a giving person and a good person.


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