Why are some people so damn mean? I have a couple of guys on my fb that made some really mean and hateful comments on some of my pics so I deleted and blocked them. I do not need to be put down or insulted and doing so doesn’t make them any better of a person. I just do not get why people try to build themselves up by putting others down and I am generally not a mean or hateful individual.

People get off on hurting others and it’s a sickness I tell you, yep a sickness of sorts and they aren’t all that themselves so they shouldn’t talk. When you think you are better than everyone else then you need to deflate your ego. I’m sick of being hurt and I’m sick of being lied to and I am just sick period of trying to find a decent guy because I do not think there are any left in this world. I would rather be by myself then to deal with all the crap out there.


No matter how hard I try to meet someone I just cannot find the connection I need to have with another human being. I have tried on and off for almost a year now with absolutely no luck as people are just stupid or they cannot read. I do not care for short men, gingers or guys that think sending me a picture of their cock is a turn on for me. Why do men think that their cock is what attracts a woman? 

It seems everyone wants to talk sex, want to experience a cougar or want to know what your sexual likes and dislikes are but don’t ask for your name. Everyone of us needs to have a connection with another person, we need love and understanding, someone who understands us and listens to us, someone to share every part of our lives with. Trying to meet someone with half a brain has become a challenge and most are just plain stupid fucks.

I’m not the greatest catch in the world but I’m not a bad one either and I am more than a sexual person, there is more to me then a set of tits and a wet spot. I guess I am destined to be alone for another year or so it seems to me and I guess I have to either put my expectations aside and settle for someone who doesn’t do a damn thing for me or I will have to go it alone and that my friends is what appears to be happening, going it alone.

I have no idea why it is so hard for me to find someone who I am attracted to but I am obviously extremely picky and yes your looks are what is important. Im not looking for someone twenty years younger than myself and Im not looking for a rich guy either. I just want to have a connection with someone who is solid and mature, someone who wants to get to know me not my va j j, someone I can laugh and enjoy.

I continue to lose weight which makes me feel so much better and tomorrow I will joining the gym and will be working out with weights as well. I hate the way my body looks and feels and if I want to attract the type of man I want in my  life then I have got to lose this weight. I am an attractive woman but so much more attractive when not carrying around an elephant on my ass and belly.

When you lose weight sex is so much better as well and your self image soars and that is what I need a self image booster. I lost thirty lbs. in three months before so I know I can do it again and lose even more and I am determined to lose it and so I shall. Winter is upon us and there is nothing to do inside but watch boring tv so going to the gym will be good for my mind as well as my body.