Why are some people so damn mean? I have a couple of guys on my fb that made some really mean and hateful comments on some of my pics so I deleted and blocked them. I do not need to be put down or insulted and doing so doesn’t make them any better of a person. I just do not get why people try to build themselves up by putting others down and I am generally not a mean or hateful individual.

People get off on hurting others and it’s a sickness I tell you, yep a sickness of sorts and they aren’t all that themselves so they shouldn’t talk. When you think you are better than everyone else then you need to deflate your ego. I’m sick of being hurt and I’m sick of being lied to and I am just sick period of trying to find a decent guy because I do not think there are any left in this world. I would rather be by myself then to deal with all the crap out there.

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