Have you ever been enamored with someone? You are totally besotted with this person, infatuated beyond belief and think of them all day and night? You fantasize about spending time with them in front of a fireplace sharing a bottle of wine and talking all night long? You want to have this person in your arms, in your bed and in your life? You want this person so bad it drives you to total distraction?

I have someone who is totally enamored with me and I cannot see what he sees or feel what he is feeling. He wants to be with me so bad I do not think he is sleeping right and he surely isn’t working with his mind on his work. He likes my curves and doesnt want me to lose to much weight but I have to feel confident with myself and I will keep losing until I am where I choose to be weight wise.

He thinks I’m pretty special and that alone builds my confidence and makes me feel desirable and appreciated. There is someone else I have been focused on for years but I have excepted that we shall never meet, we shall never hold hands or kiss and we shall never make love. He is either married still even though I thought he was divorced or he is involved with someone and probably has had a kid with that person.

I do wish him well and I do hope he is happy because I cannot make him happy from a distance, I cannot love him from afar and I surely will never worship him like so many have. He is getting older and no longer the cute guy he once was. He isn’t bad looking so do not get me wrong there but he isn’t so attractive that he would stand out in a crowd or that’s the way I see him these days. 

He is a sexy guy and that is what probably still attracts the women to him and once they know he is wealthy well I have no doubt they leech on him hoping to get a piece of his financial action. It’s just to bad we can never meet and become real friends because I am so real and honest he would never have to worry about me using him because I do not play that way. I’m sure he is a very giving and warm guy but he refuses to show that to me so it is what it is.