There Comes A Time

We go through life and as we get older we settle for less than what makes us happy, we settle for a dead end job, a relationship that no longer brings us happiness and a life we wish we had changed when we were younger. Why do we settle? Because it’s easy, it’s comfortable and secure even if it brings us no happiness and never will because those days are long gone. We grow we change and we become someone different yet we still fear changing.

If you choose to live your life in constant safety then you are not living you are existing and until you can open yourself up to change and make the changes that will make you happy, you will continue to breathe without feeling the oxygen in your lungs, you will continue to exist but not live and you will become stagnant and never grow. We become so fearful that we paint ourselves into a nowhere corner and find little satisfaction in our lives.

So many people think if they were rich that life would be so much better, so much happier but this is nothing but a lie that we tell ourselves. It isn’t money that makes life happy, it isn’t fancy clothes or cars and it isn’t being with a beautiful person that makes life worth living. We must let go of our fears and move in the direction that our heart takes us be it in a relationship that has become empty but we fear to leave or even a house we can no longer stand to live in.

I am no different from most people and I have my fears and concerns like everyone else and yes I am going to make the changes required to be happy, really happy. I am putting the house up for sale in early spring and even if I have to take a loss Im ready to do so. For those that are in a relationship because it is safe and secure but they are no longer happy in it, I say to you what are you waiting for?

Makes Me

Good music touches me but great music, well great music makes me want to move seductively and it makes me think of certain people in  my life at one time or another. Life can be so lonely, so barren and so empty but music changes that for me. Music touches my soul in ways no man has ever done and music helps me express myself in many different ways. I’m a person that requires an  outlet for self expression and music helps me do just that.

I really like the lyrics and tune of the song listed below and I hope you can enjoy it and it helps you in some way express yourself.  All of us needs a positive outlet and the lyrics can touch us in so many different ways and I for one like to slowly swivel my hips to good music. I am not an artistic person but self expression for me comes in the form of writing, writing is my outlet and sometimes I actually write some pretty good stuff.


So Special

Has anyone ever made you feel really special? Really desirable? Really cared for? Well, I finally have someone in  my life that makes me feel that way and it feels really good and makes me feel like a real woman once again. I love his calls, texts and emails and I love the way he treats me and talks to me like I am something so very special the only problem is I have told him not to fall in love with me and I do fear that he will.

I thought I wanted to be in love again and I thought that is what was missing from my life but I am finding it isn’t at all. My self esteem is what has been missing and I am rebuilding it as I look in the mirror at my naked body and see the changes I have wanted to see for so long. I workout every day and I feel so much better about myself mentally as well as physically and there are so many hot guys at the gym in the evening, just a bunch of eye candy that motivates me even more.

I was going to go swimming and put on my suit but it wouldn’t stay up as I am losing some of this ass, yippee, my boobs have gotten smaller which is to be expected as boobs are the first to go when a woman loses weight. My birthday is in a few weeks and I have no doubt we will have a great time and maybe just maybe I will open the door to make this relationship physical, don’t know yet how I will feel by then.

The thought of him removing my dress and I am standing in my stockings, garter and satin panties is exciting but am I ready for that? I do not know because it’s a mental thing that you think about but are you really ready to make that move? It’s something I think about more often than not and it’s something that I feel hesitant of at the same time.