Makes Me

Good music touches me but great music, well great music makes me want to move seductively and it makes me think of certain people in  my life at one time or another. Life can be so lonely, so barren and so empty but music changes that for me. Music touches my soul in ways no man has ever done and music helps me express myself in many different ways. I’m a person that requires an  outlet for self expression and music helps me do just that.

I really like the lyrics and tune of the song listed below and I hope you can enjoy it and it helps you in some way express yourself.  All of us needs a positive outlet and the lyrics can touch us in so many different ways and I for one like to slowly swivel my hips to good music. I am not an artistic person but self expression for me comes in the form of writing, writing is my outlet and sometimes I actually write some pretty good stuff.



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