So Special

Has anyone ever made you feel really special? Really desirable? Really cared for? Well, I finally have someone in  my life that makes me feel that way and it feels really good and makes me feel like a real woman once again. I love his calls, texts and emails and I love the way he treats me and talks to me like I am something so very special the only problem is I have told him not to fall in love with me and I do fear that he will.

I thought I wanted to be in love again and I thought that is what was missing from my life but I am finding it isn’t at all. My self esteem is what has been missing and I am rebuilding it as I look in the mirror at my naked body and see the changes I have wanted to see for so long. I workout every day and I feel so much better about myself mentally as well as physically and there are so many hot guys at the gym in the evening, just a bunch of eye candy that motivates me even more.

I was going to go swimming and put on my suit but it wouldn’t stay up as I am losing some of this ass, yippee, my boobs have gotten smaller which is to be expected as boobs are the first to go when a woman loses weight. My birthday is in a few weeks and I have no doubt we will have a great time and maybe just maybe I will open the door to make this relationship physical, don’t know yet how I will feel by then.

The thought of him removing my dress and I am standing in my stockings, garter and satin panties is exciting but am I ready for that? I do not know because it’s a mental thing that you think about but are you really ready to make that move? It’s something I think about more often than not and it’s something that I feel hesitant of at the same time.


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