To Enjoy

I enjoy so many things but the two things I really love is fishing and traveling. I would so love to travel the world going somewhere new every week and seeing new lands and meeting new people. I like to learn about different ways of life and that includes being dirt poor. I like to understand different religions and lifestyles and I like to connect with people of all walks of life and it doesnt matter what their standing in life is.

I do not judge people as harshly as I once did and I am so open to learning anything new without judgement or condemnation. I was raised very poor and understand poverty better than most and I understand the meaning of saving a buck and being frugal when necessary. I do not want to win the lottery or be wealthy to the point that it’s a gross amount, no I just want to be comfortable in my old age.

I’m a good person, a loving person, a caring person yet I have such a difficult time meeting anyone that appreciates me for me. I enjoy my home and feel so at ease at home as it should be. There are so many people who do not want to go home because they do not want to deal with the wife, the kids, the bullshit. I hate coming home to an empty house and having the kids home is comforting to me.

There will come a time not to far off that I will have an empty nest and be by myself and that day I do not look forward to. I will continue to grow and learn and maybe one day God will bring me the man who will appreciate me as I do him. When the right man does come along he will be treated so well he will never have eyes for another woman because I do treat people in my life very well.

I so look forward to meeting someone who enjoys home cooking, sitting on the back porch, holding hands, making love to the sound of the rain and things like that. I just want to  make someone else happy because that makes me happy even though that sounds stupid it is so true. Giving a warm oil massage, kissing slowly and lieing naked cuddling is what I so miss and want back so badly.

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