Wrong Turn

We meet , we greet, we spend time together and eventually we build a relationship with another person. We become comfortable and the sex is ok, it’s nothing fantastic just fulfilling and we continue to see that person every weekend. The months pass and the relationship isn’t what we really want but we get our needs met just the same. Then we come to the point where we begin to question what we are doing with someone who just isn’t “the one” but good enough to fill the void in our lives.

Once we begin to think that this isn’t what we want we are in the relationship pretty thick and we know in our hearts that we want to end it for different reasons. The person isn’t the one and we know it, we are cheating them as well as ourselves and they are nothing more than an orgasm away. It’s not that the person did something wrong it’s just that they are wrong for us and we know it.

We do not want to hurt that person but we do want to extract ourselves from a full time relationship with them. We say things like “it isn’t you, it’s me” or “you deserve better” or ” I like you as a friend I really do but I do not see us going anywhere”.  We hate the tears and the sorrow on that person’s face and we really hate even saying anything at all and would prefer just to walk away as if you never met that person.

You can always tell when someone you are dating isn’t totally into you and there is someone else on their minds. Yes, you can tell when things will go only so far and then totally fizzle out, that’s if you are paying attention to the person’s actions. Then comes the time when you are lonely or horny and you haven’t seen that person in a while but you call because you want some company or you want sex.

You make the wrong turn and get back with that person for a day or even a few days and the sex is just what the dr. ordered but you give a sigh of relief when the two of you part ways. If there is someone you are always thinking of comes back into your mind you feel as if they own you, they control you, they are the one you need to be with to get all of your needs met. But for some reason you are not with that person and you get so frustrated as you watch that person move forward without you.

You keep saying to yourself that you will be with that person one day, when the timing is right, when you no longer fear rejection and you are with that one and only. You then realize that you have wasted so much time and you try so hard to make it up but you can never get back that time. You spend time with that special one you have waited so long for and you build a relationship and eventually a life together and you find that the world is ok and that you are finally happy, the silly happy you have wanted.