I think that the number one problem most people have with their partner is the lack of enjoying sex to the max. Sex shouldn’t be just the missionary position as that gets boring real fast or for me at least. Kamasutra should be practiced by everyone if they want to keep their sex life alive and fulfilling, romantic and exciting. So many people lose their connection with their partner in the bedroom because they get bored and having sex and then rolling over to go to sleep is such a sexual killer.

I am very fond of sex and I like to switch it up to keep it exciting for myself as well as my partner and I have never had a single complaint in that area. Im a very sensual as well as sexual woman and I make no apologizes for enjoying and giving enjoyment. I really like karezza but must admit I enjoy Kamasutra as well and different positions bring different types of sexual pleasure to both partners.

Sex with my husband was stale and boring because he didn’t want to try new things he didn’t want anything but the orgasm and then he would roll over and fall asleep. We never cuddled and talked or tried anything new because he just wasn’t open to it and then he became impotent do to a blood clotting disorder. The man must have good blood flow to sustain an erection and older men generally fuck and then go to sleep because they cannot get it up for round two.

I am a very healthy woman with a very healthy appetite for sex and I love to lie in bed all day and make love in different positions and adding toys, food ect. to spice it up. I like whip cream as it is fun, not to sweet and the anticipation of licking it off the body is soooo exciting for both individuals. I do not believe sex should be quick and boring ooo no not at all as sex should be slow and start at the toes and work your way up.

It amazes those that have never had their toes sucked on how erotic it can be and how the feeling shoots up the inner thigh to the groin area. One should start at the toes and work their way up with sensual kissing and touching, there should be lots of touching, fondling, kissing and caressing. Sex is a fine art to me and I do pride myself in my ability to understand the male body and what excites it.

Anyone wanting to have sex with me needs to eat their wheaties, post toasties and cheerios because they are going to need all the stamina they can get. Sex with me is long lasting and very exciting because I make it exciting for both individuals, not just myself. My favorite position is on all fours with the man massaging my clit as he enters me deeply, I like to feel all of him and I can orgasm with him inside me as he manipulates my clit.

I so enjoy great sex and I seem to be the one that has always made it exciting and I have never learned a single thing sexually from any man. I have always been the teacher, the guide and I think it’s because of my attitude towards sex. People are so afraid to share their sexual desires and they think their partner will think they are off their rocker and that is why people do not share their desires, this is really sad because sharing your fantasies, wants and desires is what makes a great relationship in and out of bed.

On My Knees

Can you not hear my cry

In the dark?

I am on my knees

Begging for your help

Your love

Your kindness

On my knees as the tears

Are shed

There is no more of me

I have given all there is

I am no more

Than I was

An empty egg

Living in a cracked shell

No more smiles

Only pain

Follows me through

Each and every day

Lost, confused,unknown

To you

Who am I 

Is the question

That has become a lie

No strength to stand tall

As I am held up

By leaning against the wall