Mercury Strikes

I’ve been waiting for something to happen and I have had a feeling that my daughter would be in an accident. Well, Mercury has struck once again as Shelby had a car accident this morning and I do not know if her car will be totaled or repaired. She called me just as I was getting ready to workout, I had just checked in at the gym and wasn’t looking forward to my morning workout but I do it anyway.

She calls me and of course she is crying, all upset but my concern was only for her welfare not the car. You can always replace things but people you can never replace and I thank God that she wasn’t hurt. She was only about 15 minutes from home on 75 north which worked out good because the towing fee could have been costly if she had been more than 20 miles away from home. Now my workouts will be moved to the p.m. which makes it difficult because I like to get it out of the way first thing in the morning.

I hope they can repair her car because trying to find another one isn’t going to be so easy or maybe it will but I doubt it. Mercury can cause us so many problems but it is good as well as it brings to the forefront things that need to be repaired, replaced or redone. I called Big Rick and he met me at the site of the accident so Shelby could take my car and go on to school and Rick could bring me home.

Now Im stuck in the house everyday until the car issue is addressed, not that I go anywhere anyway but now that I cannot just go I want to. Isn’t that the way things usually go? When you can’t do something you seem to want to. Who knows maybe I will meet someone who works out in the evening, someone who has no life just like me. I think about my kids and what will they do when I am no longer around, when I’m either moved out of state or dead.

Life can be so challenging and so damn hard and for me it seems to always be so difficult and trying. My birthday is next Saturday which means nothing to anybody and it’s just another year past that I have been able to survive. I try to keep my chin up but it’s getting harder and harder every day. The kids have no one but me and I have so little to offer them as a parent and I feel like there is a hand clutching my throat, I need so much help but have no one to help me.

It looks like I’m going to have to go to a food bank because I have no money for groceries and I do not even have a dime in my pocket. This is so damn depressing and now with the car accident we are looking at a minimum of 500 dollar deductible and of course I do not have any money to pay to get the car fixed. I can only hope that they do  total it and I can buy a clunker just for me to get around town in.