Yes Mam

I recently was addressed as mam which is a southern term which shows respect to someone older. Today, manners are so rare and it’s so rare to find someone who will open doors for you, help you in anyway and show you any respect. Yesterday, I was chatting with someone I didn’t know on messenger and his lack of respect for me really pissed me off as he asked personal questions that you do not ask someone you do not know.

You do not ask a woman if she is “shaved” or if she has big tits when you do not know her and even if you do you still do not ask such questions. My children went to Catholic school and my son is currently enrolled in public school because I can no longer afford the tuition for his last two years of high school. Both of my children are normally very respectable because of learning manners in school as well as home.

You can always tell when someone has attended Catholic school because they have such good manners and they are such considerate people in general. Education isn’t based solely on books as so many think but it includes learning to be respectable as well as being respected. Children are sponges and they absorb what we put out there for them and society is also a huge teacher to our children.

Even though my son has a mental illness he is mostly a very kind and considerate kid unless he is pushed to far and yes even our children can be pushed over the edge. My son is so smart and creative and I so hope he finds his nitch in life, he finds what makes him happy and content. Even at my age I still haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up and I have tried so many professions and have yet to find what makes me really happy.

I have always been very good at business but do not have the education on paper to get me a position in any company. People think that piece of paper called a diploma is everything and that life lessons seem to be so little. I have run two companys that I built from the ground up and I was very successful until the government changed the rules. The businesses involved imported exotic birds and when the government stopped importation my businesses went belly up.

Im a hard worker and very dedicated when Im doing something I really enjoy but it’s been so long since I’ve done anything other than be a caretaker for the sick. Anyway, back to manners-I believe its so important to have manners and to display those manners because just like life long marriages, manners seem to no longer exist except in the very few. It’s such a highlight to have someone open a door for me that Im actually shocked when it happens these days but still enjoy it.



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