I’m sitting here thinking of touching your face gently with the back of my hand as I look deep into your eyes. My hand is slowly going down your cheek to your neck and then to your chest. I lean my head onto your shoulder and let out a heavy sigh as I am finally home, yes I am finally with the person I am meant to be with. You wrap your arms around me and comfort me as you know how hard life has been for me.

I hug you back and bury my face into your neck as the tears come without warning and you hold me even tighter. I raise both of my hands to your face and I kiss you softly on the lips, not once not twice but numerous times. We begin to kiss as lovers do with passion and desire that we both feel deep within our longing loins, it isn’t sex that we desire but something so much more.

It is our time to experience what we have been thinking about for so very long. We remove each others clothes with slow methodical movements and no we are not like to dogs in heat as we do this. It’s movements of true lovers, of two people who desire more than a quick orgasmic release because we want more than something so superficial. You lean back onto the bed and my breasts touch your chest and we continue to kiss, sweet, soft kisses.

You smell so damn good and I am comforted as I feel like this is where I belong, where I should have been so long ago. We touch each other with such delicacy as if we would break and we make love, sweet love that we do not rush as if we were in a marathon. This is our time, the time we have waited for a lifetime and when all is said and done I fall asleep on your chest with your arms around me.

Wouldn’t it be so nice if this really happened? 


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