Keep On Keepin On

I have continued working out  days a week and you would think I would be stick thin by now but alas I am not. I can see the difference in the weight loss but not enough to keep me happy even though my jeans hang on my hips and I can pull them off without any trouble. Im at that fucked up stage of weight loss where the body doesn’t want to give up a pound but the jeans don’t fit because they are either to big or to small.

I feel so much better when I workout and it gets me out of the house as well and I sure need that as I stay home way to much. Big Rick noticed that I have lost some of that belly fat and Im trying to get him to join the gym as well but he just isn’t there yet. I will keep going because I do feel better about myself when I am done even though I am sweaty and smell I like the progress no matter how slow.

I have kept my own council and nobody knows how bad our situation is and I plan on keeping it that way because I cannot stand anyone having pity for me. Things haven’t been this bad since I was a kid and it seems as if life makes a complete circle and Im right back where I started from. I get so down because I have no idea why my life is the way it is because I am a good person but it seems all the shitfaces in the world make out while the good ones get fucked.

I know life isn’t fair and never expected it to be but damn does it have to be so challenging? 


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