Are you a liberated soul? Do you know what being a liberated soul is? Do you know how to obtain liberation? Being liberated is freeing oneself from the control of others, society, ect. and yes I am a liberated woman. I dance to my own tune and to the beat of my own drum and I just cannot conform to others way of thinking. I have always been the odd duck out because my thinking is so open and free and I care none for what others think of me.

I am a very sexually liberated woman as I am quite comfortable in my own skin and I feel very comfortable without clothing because I accept my body, to accept yourself physically doesn’t mean that you are happy with your physical appearance, it means that no matter what your physical appearance is you have no shame and make no excuses for not being physically desirable in today’s standards.

A person is sexy no matter what their size or shape and if you look back at Marilyn Monroe you will see a woman who was not thin but quite curvy and beautiful in her own skin. She exuded sexy because she had comfortable feeling within herself which showed on the outside. I have lost weight but wish to lose so much more and yes I work out 5 days a week to achieve the outer beauty that will make me happy.

So many men especially confuse sexy with sex and they are not the same, not at all. a sexy woman is usually quite exciting sexually because she is so comfortable with herself and she can express her emotions through the gift of touch and caress. Being sexy allows you to express your inner sexual side without sex and having sex with someone who is sexy is an experience few ever do get to  reach.

When I am sexually involved with someone I am extremely slow in movement and touch and I slither over their body enjoying every inch of them and giving them pleasure beyond anything they have ever experienced because sex is not just sex to me. So many people start out kissing and then go right into the act of sex but I do not start that way, nope not at all. I prefer to relax my partner with a warm oil massage and lightly running my fingers over their back and then the rest of their body.

I like to put my partner in a mental state that leaves them open to free their inner fears and worries, to free their mind as well as body. I do not even know if being with a person sexually can even be called that because it is so much more. I can literally take my partner to another plane of existence, one they have never experienced before and it’s almost as if I can put them in a trance.

I am not bragging on my sexual talents, no I am trying to explain to you how being with your partner should be. It should not be a quick blow job and fuck by any means and if you think  that what you have been experiencing with your partner is a healthy sex life then you are wrong. Most people have no idea what liberated sexual pleasure is and it’s not something you can tell a person to do, it is something that must be experienced with someone who is totally liberated.