Pet Factor

I have always been one to have pets of every kind and I am an animal lover but there are people who have no pets or are cat lovers or dog lovers. Cat lovers  are not for me because just like a cat they are quite standoffish but dog lovers are warm and so much more affectionate. I have found people who have no children or pets are quite selfish and self driven and they do not want to be really committed.

When you have no time for children or pets then you have no time for anyone else unless they fit into your little cubby and they can play with you when they feel like it. I have found cat lovers to be cold and distant and they do not like to commit themselves to anything that doesn’t self serve them. I have cats and dogs and I have also had, horses, pigs, chickens, guineas, rabbits, rodents of all kind but never was I one for reptiles.

I think our pets are a reflection of ourselves and how we are generally and cat lovers are somewhat cold from what I have experienced. Dog lovers on the other hand tend to be very warm and affectionate in general. My dogs love to spend time with me and they are always touching me as they lie on the couch they have to be touching me and same in bed. Yes, my dogs sleep with me as well as the cat and I am always accommodating my pets.

I enjoy playing with them and they are quite comical at times, my cat Khloe loves to steal suckers out of the candy bowl and play with them and she spends quite a bit of time picking out the exact sucker which grabs her attention. I like the dum dum suckers and let her have the root beer because I do not like them or the chocolate and she goes nuts over batting them around on the floor.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their pets and many people have replaced children in their lives with a pet. I like coming home and having my two little boys wagging their tails and getting all excited because I am home. They seem to be the only ones that love my attention and affection to the degree that I give it to them. The next time you  date someone pay attention to their choice of pet and how they act because you will see a correlation between the human and their pet.


Crisp leaves under my feet

See my breath in the air

Rubbing my arms to stay warm

Another cold winter

Another lonely night

This is what is called

As my  life

No one to share

Hot cocoa with

No one to cuddle

In front of the fire

Just another day

Another cold and lonely day


To Fast

The world moves to fast for me as texting has become the main form of communication, people are so busy they try to find love on dating sites and being a gentleman is a thing of the past. Sex is given as easy as candy on Halloween and dating no longer leads to marriage or even a committed relationship. People are out to get what they can from you and if you don’t give it they will just take it.

There is no longer any respect for the elderly and handicapped and everyone is a victim in one way or another. I never realized how safe I was in my  marriage until my husband died and I felt as if I had been left to the dogs. Very few women still cook and most women have a stove for looks only and use the microwave to heat up dinner that was bought in the frozen food section.

Men are no longer men and women are no longer women and it makes me so sick to live in this type of society. I was contacted by someone on a dating site and this asswipe wanted to know if I wanted a sexual relationship with him. What has this world come to when a man just wants to fuck you and not even share a drink or a meal with you first, I mean seriously how many women are looking for just a sexual relationship if they are not married?

Sex is the number one thing everyone seems to be searching for and no one seems to want to put in the work required to have a healthy relationship. I prefer to stay single and by myself then to be someone’s fuck buddy because I can fuck myself thank you very much. Sex sells and that is quite simple to understand in this world today, sex sells fucking salad dressing and drain cleaner, hell sex sells every damn thing.

Where are the men that still know how to be a gentleman? Still opens doors and wants to take you to dinner or meet you for a drink? Where are the men that want a relationship based on truth and honesty? Where in the sam hell are the men that want to make love to you and only you? Where are these men because I sure haven’t been able to find one of lately and I sure do try but seem not to be fishing in the right pond.

To Control

There are people who feel the need to control everyone in their lives and they do this because they feel threatened and are insecure around those that have an uncontrollable energy. People are controlled by their own energy and when they have a heightened awareness of their this energy it is shown in many different ways and positive energy comes out in the form of the person being exuberant and funny.

When the negative energy comes forth is is shown in the way of anger and this is something that must be experienced so the person can let go of that negativity and replace it with positive thinking and expression of self. We should never want to control another person and most of  us that appear “uncontrollable” are  not uncontrollable at all but instead are in need of someone who can understand the person’s level of energy.

Energy can never be destroyed but it can be redirected and it doesn’t take much to redirect anyone and their level of energy. Anyone that has a lot of positive energy can change another’s life quite easily and if you feel threatened by that person then you are suffering from insecurity. No one can control everything in their lives and those that feel they must always be in control really need to learn to let go and let others take the lead for a change.

Men that think they want to control a woman doesn’t so much want to control her as to have her conform to their way of thinking and acting. Theses men are unable to accept the woman for the person she is because she has control over her own inner strength and this can be very intimidating to a man. What really attracts a man to a woman is her ability to be funny, independent, emotionally mature and attractive.

Being attractive can mean many things to many people but we are attracted to outer beauty first and then as we discover the person’s inner thinking we see ourselves being attracted even more or being turned off by the woman’s inner self. The inner self can be quite beautiful yet it also can be very ugly and that is why no amount of beauty will hold a man’s interest when the inner person is ugly.

You cannot change ugly in anyone because the power to change that trait lies within the person and many things could have happened to this person’s life to make them harbor such negative energies. This type of person must learn to deal with problematic energy and they need to learn how to overcome what has made such a deep indent on their lives. One should learn to let go of anger and even I still wrestle with my own anger at people who have done me wrong.

I do not blame anyone solely for my lot in life because I believe in reincarnation, karma and soul mates and I believe everything happens for a reason. We may not understand why things happen but we do learn from each and every bad thing that happens in our lives. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and others are born with a spoon full of shit in theirs and that is just the way it is.

The next time you feel the need to control someone step back and ask yourself why you wish to control this person, what is it about them that makes you want to change them and learn to accept people for who they are. Everyone expresses themselves in different ways and someone in a great amount of inner pain may appear to be totally silly and outrageous but the truth is they are expressing themselves the only way they know how to deal with that pain.