To Fast

The world moves to fast for me as texting has become the main form of communication, people are so busy they try to find love on dating sites and being a gentleman is a thing of the past. Sex is given as easy as candy on Halloween and dating no longer leads to marriage or even a committed relationship. People are out to get what they can from you and if you don’t give it they will just take it.

There is no longer any respect for the elderly and handicapped and everyone is a victim in one way or another. I never realized how safe I was in my  marriage until my husband died and I felt as if I had been left to the dogs. Very few women still cook and most women have a stove for looks only and use the microwave to heat up dinner that was bought in the frozen food section.

Men are no longer men and women are no longer women and it makes me so sick to live in this type of society. I was contacted by someone on a dating site and this asswipe wanted to know if I wanted a sexual relationship with him. What has this world come to when a man just wants to fuck you and not even share a drink or a meal with you first, I mean seriously how many women are looking for just a sexual relationship if they are not married?

Sex is the number one thing everyone seems to be searching for and no one seems to want to put in the work required to have a healthy relationship. I prefer to stay single and by myself then to be someone’s fuck buddy because I can fuck myself thank you very much. Sex sells and that is quite simple to understand in this world today, sex sells fucking salad dressing and drain cleaner, hell sex sells every damn thing.

Where are the men that still know how to be a gentleman? Still opens doors and wants to take you to dinner or meet you for a drink? Where are the men that want a relationship based on truth and honesty? Where in the sam hell are the men that want to make love to you and only you? Where are these men because I sure haven’t been able to find one of lately and I sure do try but seem not to be fishing in the right pond.


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