Most people think they are completely sane when the truth is they are not. The peeping tom, the child molester, the stalker are all suffering from a mental illness. obsession can be part of a mental illness and those that think that what they are doing is ok are those that need the most help. My mother is mentally ill and has been ever since I can remember because of the things she did we knew something wasn’t right with her.

Who forces their child to eat their own feces? Who forces their child to gas their sick dog from a hose placed on the gas stove and ran into a box? Who forces their child to hold their pet down and gas it to death? Who beats their children unmercifully for breaking a coffee pot? Who does these evil deeds? A very sick person is who and my mother did these things and yes it was my dog that I was forced to murder.

A stalker does the same thing, physiological abuse is the worse kind of abuse you can do to anyone. Stalkers become obsessed but fear meeting their victim for of rejection and or humiliation. I have been surrounded by mental illness my entire life and it has affected my life in many ways as I feel so much compassion for others that really do not deserve it.

Even a billionaire can suffer from mental illness but keep it under wraps to those that know them, they can become fixated on someone and want to know every aspect of that person’s life but are to fearful to ever meet that person. They become to know this person through communication online, reading their blogs and so on.

This person falls in love with the person but refuses to do anything about it because they do not want to feel rejected in any way. People that do not know them personally are so infatuated with what this person represents that even they begin to lose themselves in the elevation of others. These individuals can never find real love because everyone knows them for their persona not the person inside.

These people eventually find a “regular” person that likes them for themselves but they cannot believe that they can actually be loved for themselves so they fall into a fantasy relationship with the other person. When the other person shows them that they do care they are so fearful of rejection that they cannot bring themselves to meet the one person that could actually love them for themselves, how sad is that?

The Morning Meeting

My day started out rather good as I worked out for two hours this morning and as I was on the treadmill the girl next to me was getting ready to get off. I had already done 5 miles on the bike and a little over 4 on the elliptical so my legs were warmed up and ready to go my 3 miles on the treadmill. 

This girl was on the treadmill about 10 minutes when I got on the one next to her and as she began to step off I asked her why she was quitting already. She said she was tired and it was hard work trying to lose weight. I told her do not give up just walk with me and so she got back on and we walked together.

It seemed the more I talked to her the more she laughed and forgot she was even on the treadmill. She told me ” you know you are one funny lady” and I told her laughter is the only thing that I have to get me through the trials and tribulations of my life. Then I told her that I no longer eat chocolate cake I just rub it on my thighs because that’s where it ends up anyway.

She thought that was so funny and we continued to chat through the next three miles and she was shocked that she was able to do those miles. I told her it’s all about mind over matter and we can accomplish anything we set our minds to and giving up is not the way to succeed. She asked me if I was married and I told her I was a widow and then she asked how my husband passed and I told her.

She felt so bad for me and I told her do not feel bad because God works in mysterious ways and he takes from us what no longer serves us and replaces it with something new. We have people come and go in our lives because they have something to teach us and sometimes those lessons are very painful.

She told me she thought I was quite a philosophical person and she enjoyed working out with me and I made her feel so much better about herself. I told her never be ashamed of who you are or how your body looks because what is inside is the most important thing. I wished her a good day and told her anytime she needed a boost just let me know because I was there everyday.

It’s not what you do for yourself that always counts it’s what you can do for others that lifts us up and that is what is wrong with the human race today. Everyone wants but very few give and those of us that do give are much happier in the main stream, so be a giver, a giver of the heart, a giver of the soul and a giver of life.

Another Weekend

Today is Friday which starts another weekend, another lonely and boring weekend for me. It’s 7:45 a.m. and I have just eaten my daily breakfast of oatmeal, brushed my hair and teeth and getting dressed shortly and heading off to the gym. This is a daily routine for me and I feel out of sorts if I do not do this routine.

I have come to like working out and it gives me a chance to watch the dr.s show which I learn so much from and I think I should have gone into the medical field or have been a lawyer. I have done so many different things in my  life but never enjoyed any of them as much as when I was running my own businesses.

When you own businesses you have to be the go to person all of the time and you have to watch over everybody because there are always thieves among us now aren’t there? You have to constantly watch the books and then there comes a time when you want, need to hand the running of your business over to someone you can trust, hopefully.

I have always been a people person and have always done quite well dealing with people and I can sell anything, just a gift I guess. When you treat people good most will work for you and do a good job but of course there are always those that want to climb the ladder any way they can and that includes back stabbing those that they work with.

There comes a time when you want to retire and enjoy life and then you have to spend so much time wondering if those you trust really can be trusted. You end up finally taking a vacation only to have your phone ring and tell you there is an emergency that requires your attention so I do not think you can ever really retire.

People are so busy building their fortunes that they forget to live life, enjoy their lives and they get so caught up in constantly watching over their investments that they forget to invest in their own happiness. They forget that growing old alone isn’t the way to live life and they end up either alone or with somebody that has a grand plan that we are ignorant to.

You can no longer trust anybody and that includes the one you put so much faith in, your spouse, your lover or whomever. Everyone has an agenda and everyone wants what you have but where are those that want you for you? Where are those that truly love and care about you not what you have?