Toss and Turn

I’ve been tossing and turning all night as I have been thinking about someone who I have a connection with. I look at a video of him and the woman who gave him children and I see such distaste on her face. You can see how she has such disgust for him and you can see how she cannot stand to be near him.

I have realized that this man has serious issues and that those issues get in the way of him being himself and that I just have lost interest in him as a person. He no longer holds any mystery for me and he no longer holds my attention. I thought he was more of a man but I find I have been wrong, so very wrong.

He is very insecure and as he has aged he has lost something within himself and I think he keeps so busy so he doesn’t have to deal with what pains him so. I no longer wish to meet him or even chat with him and it’s as if a friend has died, my feelings have changed so much and I no longer dream of him, he killed that in me, finally.