So Sweet

I remember running the back of my hand down his cheek and slowly running my thumb over his bottom lip. I remember his eyes, the depth of his eyes and I remember the feeling that took hold of my heart. I remember how soft his hair was and I remember how happy he made me, yes I was once happy.

He made me feel special and i have never felt like that in over 40 yrs. can one ever feel that first love again? Can you ever relive those moments with someone else? Can you ever recapture those feelings? Is it possible to ever love like that again or something close to that first love? Maybe that is my problem, I am stuck thinking of my first love and wanting to feel those feelings again.

It is never possible to replace that first love, it’s unique and special and like no other love you will ever experience. That one person being our everything, that one person that stole our heart and our virginity, that one person that made us feel alive. I wonder if I will ever feel like that way again for anybody and I wonder if it is possible to love even deeper than that first love.

You can tell someone you love them but if you are not with the person to show them then they have no reason to believe your words. When you have no love in your life for so very long it is very hard to believe that anyone could love you and you become guarded and afraid to believe that anyone could.



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