A New Start

I have finally done it, I have dedicated myself to stop smoking and I had my last cigarette last night. I’m using the lozenges that you put between your lip and gum and it helped last time and is doing the same this time around. I want this to be the final time I quit such a nasty habit, it stinks, is costly and causes health problems.

I hate being controlled especially by my own bad habits but this time around I hope I have beat it for good. Smoking thickens the blood and causes strokes and I refuse to die from my own ignorance. I took my son to the dr. today and got on the scale and that son of bitch refuses to move a lb., I do not know if I am building muscle or just not losing weight.

I seem to be stuck in a holding pattern as far as losing weight but I keep working out everyday and have bumped it up from one hour to two hours daily so something has got to give. I am turning my life around one step at a time and getting healthy is important to me and I feel like I have accomplished something when I work out.

I am making some very positive changes in my life and it’s about time but they are needed so much so I can be ready for the major changes coming my way. I do not know what those changes are but it’s obvious that they are coming my way and that is how my life will finally be what I want it to be, by embracing the changes.