Day Three

So far so good as I have made it through day three without a cigarette, when you do not smoke you have no idea how hard it is to quit. I am working out two hours a day now to help with the control of eating because when you quit smoking you want to eat everything in sight. I haven’t been able to lose a single pound in about two months and I am getting so pissed.

I figure by working out an extra hour everyday something has got to give and that has got to be the fat that clings to me. Im working very hard at getting myself healthy and I am not waiting for a stupid news year resolution to make the changes I need. It’s funny how my body feels since I have lost weight and losing that lower belly fat feels very strange indeed.

I can see every stretch mark from having my kids and it feels so strange when I run my hand over the lower part of my abdomen. I have lost some of my boobs which also feels so strange and none of my bras no longer fit. I rarely wore them anyway so it’s really no great loss as far as I am concerned and it actually easier not having all of that weight on my chest.