Online Dating

Online dating is the one biggest lie there is as people lie about so many things regarding themselves. First there is their picture that was taken when they were in their thirties when they are actually in their fifties. Then there is their age, o ya Im like 39 when the actual age is once again mid fifties, then we have the marital status, they always say they are single when the fact is they are married, oops that’s right their spouse is the one that is married.

They say they only have two kids and of course both are in college but the truth is they have a fucking gaggle of kids at home all in school still. Then there are those that are going through a divorce and are honest about that but not honest about where they live, usually in their parent’s basement so you can never go there and they always have to come to your place.

Then there are those that only want to come visit you at your place because they can’t afford to take you out to dinner or for a drink and then there are those that want nothing but sex from you. Now isn’t online dating the greatest??? Once you realize the person is a liar the “relationship” dwindles to nothing rather quickly.

Now if you just want random sex now and then well you have hit the jackpot or so you assume. So you do decide to take that bike for  a ride only to find out that the bike has two flat tires and they just cannot be pumped up if you get my drift. I have never wanted to take any bike for a ride that I wasn’t familiar with but people and sex has become so mainstream that they have no discriminating features about sex at all.