The Gym

I go workout every morning and yes I am dressed for success as I wear sweat pants, sweat shirt and have my hair in a ponytail. I do not wear makeup or wear tight fitting workout clothes because Im not there to pick up a guy Im there to drop off my fat packs that cling to my ass, hips and thighs. I go and do my thing and do not look around in hopes that someone is admiring my sweat dripping from my forehead.

There is one woman who is in her sixties obviously and quite attractive and she has a very nice body quite in shape. She is a “look at me” type of woman as she has her hair done and her makeup applied nicely and she looks around when she goes to lift weights. It’s obvious she isn’t there to workout, not really because she only does one set on each of the weight machines.

I guess when you do finally get into shape you do not need to do the required 3 sets of reps but one would think that doing them would only enhance your body. I watch her and laugh to myself because she is quite ridiculous as far as I am concerned but my opinion is nothing to a woman like that and she is full of herself from what I see.

I do my workout and talk to the other ladies and we encourage each other to keep on keeping on and to never give up. I talk to a couple of ladies from India and they are really nice and very encouraging. Domiauntie is about 4’8″ and just as sweet as she can be and she has given me some really good advice as far as working out.

I have given them some of my lowfat/low sugar deserts and they really like them so we share our deserts and recipes. All the men that go in the morning are like in their 70’s and do not appeal to me in the least bit. I think there is something wrong with me because I am just not attracted to the men that I see.

I guess I will forever be alone because there is only one man who has my attention and I have no idea why I am so attracted to him. He’s an arrogant fuck that I have never met and never will but he is always on my mind and even though I do not have a picture of him with me at all times he is plastered in my mind and no one even comes close to him as far as attracting me.

I  wish I could meet him so I can say I cannot stand him and move on but my luck this son of a bitch has so much sex appeal he would draw me in like a moth to a flame. He uses his people skills quite nicely and people are just attracted to him because he does have charisma and he is sexy as fuck to me.