Footsteps In The Snow

It’s Thanksgiving morning and the ground is covered with a light layer of early morning snow. I let the minions out a.k.a. the boys a.k.a. the dogs and I went out the front door leaving footsteps on the porch as I went to get yesterdays mail. The first snow always seems to one of the most beautiful ones of the season and the neighbors Christmas lights light up the early morning.

This day reminds me of the family I once had and of my grandmother and the thrill she got out of cooking for her family. The table was always filled with a veggie tray, deviled eggs, pickles and olives for everyone to snack on until the golden bird was served. The sideboard was always filled with at least a half dozen of homemade pies and my grandmother’s special apple pie.

The smells coming from the kitchen where always so enticing and we would watch the parade on tv. All of the kids would fight over the best seat on the couch and the adults would mingle and the men would watch football later in the day. There was always two tables, one for the adults and one for the kids and that was the way it was until you were like twenty, lol.

It took hours to cook such a wonderful meal but only minutes to eat it and then crawl up on the couch in a carb coma where we fell into a blissful nap with full bellies but still wanting to dig into pie. There is no longer any big turkey or huge amounts of food because there is no large family any longer.

Yes, we will have the traditional meal in smaller amounts and yes we will have pies but only three to choose from and yes the minions will also get their fair share of table food because they are part of the family. Khloe will want to taste the turkey as will Bingo and the kids will spend the day watching tv or playing online games and I will remember better days with my family that is long gone.


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